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Permitting & Design - Public Water Supply & Water Haul Solutions

In the oil and gas rich Permian Basin, groundwater resources are best managed by those with the proper expertise — especially when it comes to water meant for human consumption. Maverick’s Water Resources division has the qualifications to best handle those water projects with the most challenging deliverables. Since its inception in 2016 Maverick Water Resources has taken on half a dozen major water projects dealing directly with the stringent Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and US EPA regulated public water supply systems, wells, storage, and water haul designs. These projects come in addition to the host of non-potable industrial and commercial water supply systems designed by our engineers. When it comes to best practices in managing your project’s water supply and delivery, trust the firm with decades of experience in the field.


Municipal Water Storage Tanks - Ft. Stockton, TX

Ralph E. Truszkowski, during his time with another firm, was Project Manager in charge of rehabilitating existing ground water storage installations in the City of Fort Stockton. Among which were a 2 million gallon storage tank, and a 40,600 gallon standpipe. In the case of the 2MG facility, the standing condition required complete replacement. However, the existing foundation was verified as salvageable and proved to be a significant cost saving measure. The new tank was upgraded to one with welded and coated steel floors and shell with an aluminum dome roof to reduce future maintenance costs. The Standpipe facility had been decommissioned due to poor water quality stemming from failure of the control system. Rehabilitation measures included interior and exterior structural repairs, interior and exterior coatings, and a new top-mounted fill line to satisfy TCEQ water quality specifications.


Reclaim Water Delivery System Update - Odessa, TX

The City of Odessa has been providing reclaimed water from their Wastewater Treatment Plant for secondary use for some time. Maverick Water Resources was recently contracted to procure system design updates to handle additional delivery capacity for this supplementary infrastructure that services so much of the community’s needs. This system required the design and installation of a pump station to meet the needs of distribution as well four new connections to expand overall service range for the citizens of Odessa.


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Update - City of Rankin, TX

While with another firm, water resource specialist and Principal, Ralph Truszkowski was Project Manager for a Wastewater Treatment Plant update at the City of Rankin. The lack of a bar screen at the plant presented constant operational complications for the plant maintenance staff. The highly corrosive environment led to a unique remedy design employing a 16’ diameter fiberglass ring which helped reduce construction costs while providing the requisite long-term, low-maintenance surface.


Parsley Energy Field Office - Public Water Supply System

Maverick Water Resources (MWR) is uniquely capable of providing turn-key solutions tailored to the needs of clients in demanding environments. When Parsley Energy, a Midland based services company, was looking to build out their field offices, they looked to our expertise. MWR was able to provide them with a Due Diligence Study from the outset, giving them a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the site in obtaining potable water. Parsley then contracted with MWR to follow through with both the Well and System Design, as well as Construction Administration for all phases of their Public Water Supply project.