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Sundance Creek Apartments

The 17 acre Sundance Creek project featured 14 buildings and 300 units of Class A luxury apartments. Maverick provided revisions to the existing Site Plan, a Drainage Study, Onsite Utility, Grading, Drainage and Paving Plans, and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. The project site had significant drainage challenges, requiring Maverick to re-route an existing drainage channel of over 130 cfs. Maverick obtained a CLOMR-F and LOMR-F for the site. In addition, Maverick worked closely with Centurion Pipeline during the Planned District and Site Plan process.


Westridge Senior Living/Mesquite Apartments Phase II

These projects, completed simultaneously on a 10-acre site, include 184 units of upscale apartment living and adapted living for residents 55 years and older.  The site required a 1,050 linear foot extension of Beal Parkway and a 1,700 linear foot extension of a 12” water line.  Maverick’s Principal Engineer (projects completed while with previous firm) coordinated with adjacent property owners, City, and dry utility companies on these issues.


The Anatole at Briarwood

The Anatole is a 250-unit planned district housing development in Northwest Midland. Maverick completed the zoning, grading, drainage, and pavement plans for the site.  The project presented the challenge of a 160 c.f.s. flow initially running through the site, but Maverick addressed the issue with an effective drainage solution.


The Vineyard, Ltd.

Maverick completed the second phase of this 119-unit apartment complex in the rapidly-growing east Odessa area. The site required a public water line extension to serve the future residents.  Our team also coordinated with TXDOT on driveway access to the site.


Highland Townhomes

This beautiful limestone complex features 16 attached townhomes that offer as much curb appeal as they do practicality for residents.  Maverick coordinated the structural design for the retaining wall and provided grading, drainage, paving, water and sewer plans, along with a SWPPP.


Manor Park South

Manor Park, Inc. has been a premier destination for Midland’s discerning, advanced-age citizens for decades. Being able to assist them in achieving their mission for greater Midland by consulting them during this growth phase of their living facilities is a source of pride at the firm. This new 16 acre site required a litany of planning, design, and administrative services from the Maverick team. From  the Re-Plat and Zoning amendments, site Design and Project Management, to Construction Administration, this full-range project quintessentially illustrates the importance of strong consulting partnerships and superior client relationships.